im Ollie. 22, he/him, bi/ace trans man

as a waiter/server in a small resturaunt in the US who only makes base pay of $2.75 and only works about 15-20hrs/week and therefore depend heavily on good tips, this is your reminder to please be good to your servers and waiters in resturaunts and food service places of all kinds. you dont know how much they might count on tips for their income, or a good review. unless theyve gone and spit in your food or something, try to be as giving as you can afford, it can really make someones day and can really help them along.

whewwww i forgot about loggin in for a bit but hello im excited for flight rising to update and i am in physical discomfort because having a uterus is the actual worst and making me extremely cranky

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*tips cowboy hat, revealing my kitty ears* meowdy nyall

could i... mayhaps... sleep more than 1-4hrs at a time... and also... stop dreaming abt my step parents being awful to me in some way shape or form thanks

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- Tsunenori Saito

lethargy is, truly, a big and awful bitch

also until i find more blogs to follow we all just have to deal with me just kinda Talking at intervals and posting nothing else.

sometimes a guy just gotta wear some makeup and theres nothing u can do to stop me

the good news is my friends convinced me to make a fandom oc and i think rp with him would be fun the bad news is ive never done that shit before so im fuckin Anxious babey

drawing for friends... feels rly good... makin em happy with surprise art just feels so nice 😭💕

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trans rights are human rights

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also as a note ill probably keep explicit images off of here. so dont worry about smut showing up, ill probably make a side for that if i feel like it lmao. i am still a grown-ass man tho, im likely to post and reblog Adult Language And Themes... im debating if i wanna mark myself as an nsfw blog or not just so i can steer clear of minors

i look forward to seein this site grow and wish it all the best 💕 in the meantime im just excited to have a new platform to check out too, if i end up stickin with it ill probably need some tags to help me keep organized huh

im thinkin...

  • fauxposts - for all my own posts

  • fauxscritch - doodles and art tag probably

  • fauxpics - for any rare instances i post pics, probably of places or animals

  • fauxcs - a play on "ocs." an oc tag. may be followed by "fauxcs:(oc name)" for further organization

..and of course other organization things, like aes posts, animals, etc that i may reblog will be tagged as such